CODA and TALC form a partnership on an innovative pilot project

artcentreCODA is now in collaboration with a leading Zambian HIV organisation, setting up an innovative pilot project using mobile technology to support people living with HIV.
TALC (Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign) is leading the 18 month project, which is funded by UKAid.

TALC's ‘END AIDS portal' will use text messages to deliver  information to approximately 50,000 people living with HIV across three Zambian provinces. Pregnant women with HIV will receive specific treatment and nutritional advice to support a healthy pregnancy and to significantly reduce the risk of passing HIV to their babies.

Lack of information about antiretroviral (ARV) therapies and side effects from the treatment can result in some people missing doses. This can negatively impact on their health and cause drug resistance.

The 'End AIDS portal' will be staffed by advisers trained to respond to questions by text. This will increase understanding of HIV treatment and support treatment adherence. This important pilot provides an easily accessible, anonymous resource to support people living with HIV to take ARV medication regularly.

The pilot project will assess the demand and viability of such a service and, if successful, TALC will scale up the 'END AIDS portal' to reach people living with HIV throughout Zambia. If you would like to support this exciting project, please contact us via our website.