Core Values
We are absolutely committed to the principle that those best suited to improve the quality of life of poor communities are the community members themselves. They understand their reality and have the skills to promote change. CODA exists to provide or facilitate the resources - financial and advisory - that will enable our partners in the South to put their solutions into practice.

CODA works shoulder to shoulder with each partner through the process of change, in a horizontal partnership. We are guided by the priorities and perspectives of our partners in the South. We recognise that different contexts require different solutions. We seek to learn from partner organisations about the challenges they face, the realities surrounding them and the constraints to bridging gaps between North and South.

Our values include:


CODA exists to help our partners in the Global South. We facilitate access to the resources they need – financial and advisory – so that they can put their solutions into practice.


We avoid a top down approach, preferring horizontal relationships with our partners in which learning is mutual. Although CODA has overall responsibility for transfer of financial resources, we see each partner’s contribution – in closing inequality gaps, promoting citizens' participation in policy-making, sharing and disseminating information, and experience – as the cornerstone of the partnership.


Only by addressing members of a community can help be effectively implemented. They are the ones with the knowledge of what needs to be done and how change can be realised. Any improvements in the quality of life of these communities is a result of the members' collective initiatives to bring positive change to their lives. With their knowledge of local conditions, they are able to use their skills to successfully work alongside CODA.


We believe in inclusiveness and encourage all those involved in the projects in which we engage to participate actively.


The pillars that uphold all aspects of our work are mutual trust and transparency. CODA is committed to obtaining financial resources and advisory assistance.