Our Regional Strategic Aims
At CODA we have regional strategies as we are conscious of the historic contextual differences in each of the regions in which we work.

Latin America

Rather than improve social and economic conditions for impoverished populations in Latin America, neo-liberal policies have tended to widen the gap between rich and poor, raising levels of poverty and limiting access to constitutional and basic rights including health and education.


  • We are co-managing a project with the Nicaragua Association for Community Integration (ASNIC) that aims to include children with disabilities in mainstream schools.
  • In El Salvador, we are working with a wide range of community based organisations in order to promote civil participation at national level.
  • In addition, we are working alongside the Confederation of Unions of Salvadoran Workers to allow for the unionisation of public sector workers.


HIV/AIDS, conflict and famine continue to devastate the Sub-Saharan region. Historically, this region's populations have been exploited by elite groups, and natural resources have been (and continue to be) depleted. Impoverished groups, particularly women, have almost no access to public services and decision-making processes.

  • We are currently working with Ithembalabantu in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The project aims to improve access to retro-viral drugs and provide support to families affected by HIV and AIDS in order to establish small income-generation projects.
  • We are also working with Women and Law in Southern Africa- Zambia Section (WLSA-Zambia). Our partnership aims to reform the Zambian Bill of Rights and therefore create more opportunities for women to access justice and put an end to a state of affairs where violence against women carries no sanction.

Middle East

CODA supports Palestinians in their struggle to construct a strong and effective social infrastructure. We aim to strengthen the capacity of progressive civil society movements in the region to attain social justice and establish more democratic and participatory policy-making systems.

We are currently establishing links with different movements which want to include women and young people in decision-making processes, by means such as the reform of the Palestinian Bill of Rights.